Assisted Selling

When you want support from a Cyrkl expert to make sure you find the right buyer. Establish trusted business relationships with our help.

Only registered users can offer materials.

Active assisted sales

How assisted selling works

  • Describe what you are selling
  • Let us review and publish it for sale on our platform
  • We‘ll give you a call to make sure you are happy
  • Our network will be alerted that the material is available
  • You will receive price bids from potential buyers
  • Choose who you want to sell to
  • Finalise transport arrangements
  • And that's it!
  • The management fee for an assisted sale is set during the conversation with one of our experts and depends on the scope of the service, and will be adapted to your material specifications and individual requirements.

Reasons to use assisted selling

  • Improved levels of transparency
  • Access to our team of experts
  • You get to choose the buyer you want to work with
  • Get access to a larger network of the counter-parties that fit your requirements
  • Check the market prices each month
  • Receive a clear summary of the buyers who have approached you including the prices they have offered