Assisted Selling

When you want support from a Cyrkl expert to make sure you find the right buyer. Establish trusted business relationships with our help.

Only registered users can offer materials.

Active assisted sales

How assisted selling works

  • Describe what you are selling
  • Let us review and publish it for sale on our platform
  • We‘ll give you a call to make sure you are happy
  • Our network will be alerted that the material is available
  • You will receive price bids from potential buyers
  • Choose who you want to sell to
  • Finalise transport arrangements
  • And that's it!
  • The fee starts at 0,5% of the selling price of the material supply, and is paid by the seller after a successful transaction, if your material has a negative price we are happy to reach an agreement with you.

Reasons to use assisted selling

  • Improved levels of transparency
  • Access to our team of experts
  • You get to choose the buyer you want to work with
  • Get access to a larger network of the counter-parties that fit your requirements
  • Check the market prices each month
  • Receive a clear summary of the buyers who have approached you including the prices they have offered