Circular Monday and great discounts. What is happening the 22nd November 2021

16. 11 .2021, Simone Grasso, Ester Cristina Gabrielli

Circular Monday is the anti-waste day par excellence, it is the shopping day dedicated to circular consumption and economy, the new way of consuming fabrications thanks to processes of repairing, upcycling, redesigning, recycling, renting and sharing.

Circular Mondays were born in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, thanks to the initiative of the circular cloth-repair start-up Repamera AB. They wanted to play “the opposite game” with Black Friday and saw the need for a day that could promote a sustainable circular consumption, counter parting the rooted throwaway consumerism culture.

As the name can suggest, this initiative occurs on the most significant Monday of the year, the one before Black Friday. Circular Mondays focus on three strategies: reuse, repair and rent, aiming to an increase of the benefits and the values of products and services present in the many sectors of the market, contributing to the avoidance of new materials extractions and CO2 emissions.

Circular Monday, how to participate

The circular shopping can be done both digitally and physically in stores. On the one hand, you can check out websites of corporations of your interest, to find what you would like to buy or rent, or have a look at the database of Circular Monday page to discover who is participating in the initiative. On the other hand, you will find stores furnished of recycled, repaired and second-hand products, tremendous discounts and social media filled with content under the hashtag #circularmonday.

Circular Monday and Cyrkl, the consumption alternatives offered by the circular economy

The ambition of this circular shopping day is to decrease the levels of consumerism and to avoid unnecessary extractions of new materials and resources to generate new products that can be similar to the ones already existing in the market. So, during this day, businesses, NGO's, organisations and influencers from all the continents, who participate in this cool initiative, will offer discounts on their services and products, favouring second-hand and sustainable purchases.

Cyrkl is one of the representative examples of innovative start-ups, belonging to the growing and modern green entrepreneurship, who are applying sustainable economic business models to the world of waste management. The mission of Cyrkl is to promote the circular and recycling culture, by turning waste into resources and revenues for businesses. Thanks to our most innovative and largest digital marketplace for waste and residuals  – which allow the purchase and exchange of waste and by-products among buyers and suppliers – and thanks to the development of technologies and consultancy services, such as Circular Waste Scans, Cyrkl is helping already more than 8500 businesses to optimize their management of resources, save costs and obtain substantial gains from wastage.

Our company will be one of the protagonists of this Circular Monday 2021: it will be offering up to 50% discount on Cyrkl Profi year accounts from 22/11 until 26/11.

We want to encourage fruitful collaborations that can contribute to an increase of circular actions and to help European firms involved in the circular economy to find their right products and customers. Moreover, enterprises subscribing to the annual Cyrkl Profi account will be able to buy more waste and receive more customized assistance from Cyrkl experts for half of the prize.

‐ Simone Grasso, Ester Cristina Gabrielli

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