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OLE! KOMP soil improver - wide application

Oleśnica Bet on better growth! Rowaj Sp. z o. o. with its seat in Powodowo. It offers you the OLE! KOMP soil improver. Polish product, made of biodegradable waste. Product description: OLE! KOMP is a product intended for use on all soils, especially light and degraded ones, with low organic matter content. It can be used in the cultivation of field agricultural plants, grasslands, fruit plants, vegetable plants, as well as for ornamental plants grown in flower beds and for establishing lawns and in forestry. 1 ton of OLE! KOMP improver contains: potassium as K₂O --- 6.5 kg phosphorus as P₂O₅ --- 12.1 kg total nitrogen --- 12 kg Content of organic matter 55.8% DM Data based on tests carried out on 09/05/2022 Precautions: When working with the OLE! KOMP soil conditioner, use protective gloves and follow the hygiene rules as when working with manure. Use protective masks in the event of dusting. If the product comes into contact with your eyes, rinse them with clean water. In case of contact with damaged body tissue, rinse with plenty of water and use available dressing materials. If swallowed, consult a doctor. WARNING! It is forbidden to use the product on frozen, flooded, water-saturated and snow-covered soils. Frozen soil is not considered to be soil which thaws at least the surface during the day; do not use plants intended for direct human consumption during the growing season; livestock should not be grazed or the harvested crops should not be used as feed for at least 21 days after application; not to be used in forest nurseries; do not use on pastures; the product is not intended to be used together with plant protection products.

231,30 CZK/t 500 t

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