Textile and circularity 2nd part - Fast fashion all around us

27. 9 .2021, Johana Kašparová

It is a cheap, fast, easily available, unethically based production of clothing. The production of fast fashion consumes an enormous amount of water, chemicals and synthetic material. As a result, the textile industry ranks second among the biggest polluters of the environment.

In the previous article, the water consumption per T-shirt was mentioned - 2500 liters. Let's ask ourselves How many T-shirts do we have in our wardrobe, how many liters of water fell on them?

Fast fashion clothes are very cheap because they are made of synthetic and mostly low-quality materials. Over the last 15 years, the lifespan of clothing has decreased by 36%. Another reason for this cheap goods is cheap labor. This is associated with inhuman working conditions, long working hours, direct contact with toxic substances or the use of child labor.

Fast fashion. Literally

The term fast hides very fast and low-quality production plus a large number of new and new collections. Many brands produce several collections a year, while selling out all the pieces is simply impossible.

The number of fashion brands that are aware of the problem of unsustainable fashion is slowly rising. But we should start with ourselves. For every hanger or shop window, let's say do I really need it and can I really take it? Let's buy expensive and high-quality T-shirts that will last us for several years.

(author's note) "I recommend looking at the document The price of jeans. I believe that it will open the eyes of many."

‐ Johana Kašparová

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