Trust, but check: How to create a secure offer?

17. 2 .2021, Cyrkl

The sale of waste or secondary raw materials is a basic function of the Cyrkl platform. Do you know how to create an unrivaled and above all safe offer? And what not to forget?

Let's start from the beginning: How to proceed after registration? Click the Insert offer button in the top right. Name the material you are selling as accurately as possible. Recyclers want to know if you offer container glass or glass shards, or PET or LDPE waste material.

After specifying the name, comes the second key item: a photo. Document the material from several angles, we will be happy to help you insert photos. Specify location and price. For example, in the case of plastic waste, the price is crucial and, for many recyclers, crucial in their purchasing decisions. The price must be at least approximate, you can then discuss it with the processor.

Enter the quantity you offer as accurately as possible, select the unit and categorize the product. If you sell waste, fill in its catalog number. In the last step, unleash your imagination and describe how the waste is generated, what is its chemical composition, technical parameters, frequency of its production and storage of material. Is it lying loose, on pallets, or do you press and pack it? We are all interested in that.

Principles of communication with a business partner

As soon as the waste processor contacts you and expresses an interest in your offer, agree on the ideal transport. Always communicate through our platform, this is the only way to ensure safe business without risk. The fastest way to contact is through the form.

If a company registers on our platform where we detect the use of fraudulent practices, we will immediately remove it. Even so, future business partners will quickly "tap". If you are unsure, email us or give us a call and we will begin the re-verification process. Always keep a confirmation of the trade agreement. Your quality and safe stores are our priority.

At the beginning of 2021, we launched another tool with which users of our platform pass information and experience to each other - evaluation. Once the trade has taken place, a small questionnaire will be sent to both parties within one month, with the possibility of evaluating both the entire trade and the business partner. Verbally or just in the classic way, with asterisks. In the marketplace, you can see every returning trader how he did in past trades.

Do not be afraid to sell abroad

Companies turn to us with fears about the credibility of foreign business partners. However, we are able to inspect the company on request. We keep our own history and according to it we are able to recognize untrustworthy companies and draw attention to them.

Security, trustworthiness and satisfied clients who return to us. These are the main values ​​that we stick to in the marketplace

‐ Cyrkl

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