Circular waste scan

Are you interested in finding out the value of your waste materials like additional income and CO2 savings? Discover more in our circular waste scan.

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You save 15–45 % annual waste costs
You save 200–700 Tons CO2 per year
We ensure legislative compliance and overview of market prices

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Info scan

Basic overview and inspiration for circular waste management

How it works
  • Insertion of waste report
  • A unique automatic algorithm generates the final report

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In Preparation

Basic scan

A detailed overview of waste streams, recommended potential savings and areas to focus on.

  • Graphic processing of waste streams in detail
  • Identifying the potential for financial savings
  • Recommendations and telephone consultation
How it works
  • Insertion of waste report ISPOP
  • Fill in the automatically generated questionnaire with additional information
  • Preparation and sending of the final report
  • Conference call and discussion of results and recommendations

In Preparation

Complete scan

Detailed output with detailed analysis and specific recommendations. Visit and presentation at your company.

  • A personal visit to your company
  • Specific list of financial savings and CO2 savings
  • Recommendations for next steps and technologies
How it works
  • Insertion of waste report ISPOP
  • Personal visit to the Cyrkl project team in factory, individual on-site analysis
  • Three weeks of intensive analysis, proposals for specific measures, calculations, verification of results on the market and with the state administration
  • Presentation of results to the company ecologist / CSR manager and company management
  • Assistance with the implementation of measures

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Experience of our clients

The circular waste scan from Cyrkl found out the real state of our waste management in a very professional form, and although it confirmed the correctness of our previous decisions on waste management, it showed us further potential for significant savings in finances and CO2. I recommend.

Martin Veselý Sustainability Manager in Mattoni 1873

We are satisfied with the circular waste scan as a result. We are very happy that thanks to the scan we found new contacts for possible cooperation in the future, but we also checked how the prices for processing our waste on the market fluctuate. that some collaborations and settings do not need to be changed because they are satisfactory. The resulting savings will not be as large as presented at the beginning, but we expected that. The final report sets out some promising ideas that we will now develop and see. It is difficult for me to evaluate it now because we do not yet have a firm agreement that would prove the savings.

Olga Pitrová Environmental specialist PRECIOSA

The circular waste scan in our 8 plants provided us with a comprehensive view of our waste. Cyrkl showed us that we are on the right track in circular waste management, but at the same time, they outlined potentials that we had not considered before. This has helped us to change the view of our waste and begin with the gradual readjustment of our waste management towards greater savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

David Sommer Sustainability Specialist Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s.

The scan was beneficial to our company in several areas. 1. It helped us to identify individual use of wastes more in detail 2. It has shown us further possibilities for the use of some of our waste 3. I believe that if companies are prepared to change some of the established processes, they may benefit from the results of the waste scan. 4. The waste scan will show the way how to proceed in waste management. Thank you for processing the waste scan and we look forward to further cooperation.

Ing. Naďa Hamplová Company Ecologist, Sellior Bellot

At Sekurit, we have needed to take a closer look at the entire waste management for some time. We wanted to optimize it economically and environmentally, and the basic waste scan from Cyrkl was the ideal opportunity to do so. After the order, we filled in the questionnaire and within a few weeks, we had the final report and presentation. This gave us an overview of the full range of options for managing the waste we produce and what the market prices are. As a result, we have negotiated better terms with the collection company and are planning further, larger projects to improve waste management in our company.

Alexandr Chytil Saint-Gobain, Sekurit

Thanks to the waste scan we got better prices for packaging foils and waste cardboard. The waste scan showed us the way to further optimize the waste management in our company. We have found new customers, negotiated better prices with the collection company, and found out important information on the legislation of transfer of unsold goods for charitable purposes. The scan is not the end of the story and we are considering further steps in optimizing our waste management, such as a whole project to compact the waste we produce.

Tomáš Pimpara Head of Logistics, Rossman
Siemens Mattoni Chart Prakab Cpi

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