How it works

What is Cyrkl?

Cyrkl is the largest digital waste marketplace in Europe and connects suitable business partners using modern digital technology and machine learning. It only takes a few minutes to add or request a product and registration is completely free and online.

Cyrkl's main mission is to introduce the principles of circular economics into the waste management of companies across all industries.

Cyrkl is already used by more than 10 964 clients from 126 countries, which together have saved 472,000 tons of CO2.

How much does it cost?

Cyrkl Free


The free account allows you to respond to 50 offers. Without the support of a waste expert from Cyrkl.

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Cyrkl Profi

from 24 EUR/month

Monetary savings of up to 45% in waste management. Unlimited responses to offers, immediate support from a waste expert. Possibility to contact the offerer by phone, verification of business partners from around the world.

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At Cyrkl you can offer for free

  • All waste (only to authorized persons)
  • Secondary products
  • Recycled and secondary raw materials
  • Excess raw materials


  • Free quick registration
  • Add material / request material
  • Contact with the inquirer, agreement on transport and price
  • Sale of material
  • Earnings instead of disposal costs


  • Automatic interconnection based on waste codes with companies authorized to dispose of waste
  • Upon request: verification of any company for safer trades
  • Visible evaluation of companies and individual stores from other clients
  • Possibility to report suspicious companies
  • Legislative support for waste experts for each country, interconnection in accordance with the law

What are the advantages of Cyrkl?

Cyrkl's team is made up of waste management experts who take into account laws on waste management in all activities. Legislation plays a crucial role in waste management and Cyrkl is able to advise on new waste laws, optimal disposal of hazardous waste and all types of secondary raw materials.

The connection of business partners, waste producers and recyclers takes place automatically with the help of modern technologies, machine learning and data analysis. Cyrkl is constantly working on technological development and innovation of all internal and external systems.

Waste streams analysis

Thanks to circular waste scans, Cyrkl experts help large companies implement the principles of circular economics in production processes. The scans analyze a company's waste flows, then present recommendations for the management of all waste and quantify the financial savings and CO2 emissions savings.

Companies save 15-45% of annual waste costs

Companies save 200-700 tons of CO2 per year

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How does it work in practice?

Small company

The family car service added over 1,000 liters of used oils to the market (which it has once every 2 months), for which it now paid 60 EUR for liquidation and 80 EUR for collection.

The recycler via Cyrkl offered regular pick-up every two months and recycling at no cost. The car service thus received a pleasant annual saving.

Annual savings for a small business 680 EUR 3 tons of CO2

Big company

Thanks to long-term cooperation and the application of our recommendations in the entire waste management of a large company, significant savings have been found.

The company created financial savings through the application of a circular waste scan and the sale of a full range of waste materials at the market.

Annual savings for a big business 1,2M EUR 121 tons of CO2

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